Movement Planner

Make enhanced rail performance a reality through increased network velocity and capacity.

Wabtec’s Movement Planner solution is composed of three tiered capabilities to optimize railroad day-of- operations from planning through execution.

Network Visualization

The Network Visualization function helps detect conflicts in the entire network and allows for manual resolution of conflicts. It gives real-time train status and uses a Train Performance Calculator (TPC) to model train travel time with an accuracy of +/- 5 minutes for a 2-hour horizon. It also generates a look ahead forecast of 8 to 12 hours to better plan for crew call and asset allocation.

Network Optimization

The Network Optimization capability provides automated train meet/pass resolution based on Business Objective Functions (BOF) with a reliable and stable plan. This results in reduced variability of dispatching decisions and their impact on the network.


The Auto-Routing function provides automatic execution of optimized plans thus reducing human factors and improving productivity. It also improves plan compliance and maximizes benefits from the Movement Planner system.


Optimize Network from Planning to Execution

performance icon
10% increase in network velocity

Based on results at a Class 1 railroad. Results vary depending on the type of network and operation

money icon
50% reduction in expired crews

Based on results at a Class 1 railroad. Results vary depending on the type of network and operation

growth icon
Increase network capacity

Increase network capacity & fluidity

time icon
Improve performance

Improve schedule adherence & on-time performance

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