Wabtec Smart Shop
Wabtec Smart Shop

Smart Shop is an integrated solution comprised of eServices, remote monitoring and diagnostics solutions (including Expert on Alert and manual locomotive fault downloads), analytics based work-scopes, and best practice Service Shop management processes.


  • 1-4% asset availability improvement
  • 40-80 hours reduced shop dwell times
  • 2.6% reduction in repeaters (repeat service incidents)
  • Reduction in line of road failures
  • Increase in shop throughput 
  • Reduction in in-shop fuel consumption (~100 gal/event) and carbon footprint
  • Reduced maintenance exposure


  • Geo Location services
  • Splintered Smart Inbound
  • Service Track Reporting
  • Turn Over Reporting
  • Integration with eServices asset management solution


  • Dash 7, Dash 8, Dash 9, AC4400, EVO Series
  • FDL and EVO Platforms
  • AC and DC Power
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Smart Shop

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