Mechanical Bond Radiators
Mechanical Bond Radiator
Mechanical Bond Radiator
Mechanical Bond Radiators
Mechanical Bond Radiator
Mechanical Bond Radiator

FLAT-ROUND® Mechanical Bond

Our durable Flat-Round mechanical-bond cores provide leak-free radiators and air-to-air charge air cooling in even the most punishing diesel and gas engine cooling applications.

Single and dual core designs in side-by-side, front-to-back, and engine and off-engine arrangements, can be configured with various tube row and fin density for optimal performance.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • FLAT-ROUND® tubing combines the superior airflow and heat transfer of flat tubes with reliable tube-to-header mechanical bonding for exceptional durability.
  • Mechanically bonded, roller-expanded tube-to-header joint prevents coolant leaks because there’s no solder to corrode or crack, no braze to fatigue, no rubber grommets to replace.
  • Half-inch thick steel header plate with machined o-ring tank seal provides incredible rigidity and strength and additional protection against coolant leaks.
  • Heavy-wall brass tubing provides strength and damage resistance. With our welded seam construction, there are no soldered lockseams to corrode or leak.
  • Cores use flat copper plate fins soldered to brass tubes for maximum core strength in prime power and the toughest diesel and gas engine cooling applications.

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