Locomotive Cab Toilet ME229/ME229-B
Locomotive Cab Toilet ME229/ME229-B

Space-saving solutions
Narrow-profile retention toilets, either side or bottom discharge.
When space is at a premium, our ME229 Series toilets are the perfect compact solution. At only 15 inches wide, their narrow profiles allow installation in almost any retrofit application. The stainless-steel tub and top cover ensure reliability and long life. All working parts (except drain valve) are attached to the top cover for easy maintenance. Side mounted latches allow for easy removal of the top cover to service the toilet. The units also feature a waste seal for ultimate odor and splash control. It seals away waste and odors and controls effluent splashing.
Notes ME229 is the side-drain model. Right-hand discharge with a horizontal drain valve handle comes standard. Easily field-retrofitted to left-side discharge and vertical drain valve handle. 15.4 gallon capacity. ME229V features external ventilation fitting on top cover.
ME229B discharges through a bottom drain and designed to interface with a standard floor flange. Seal ring for floor flange included. 12.8 gallon capacity. ME229BV features external ventilation fitting on top cover.


  • Durable, Stainless-Steel Tub And Top Cover
  • Hand-Operated Diaphragm Pump For Flushing
  • High-Impact, Easy-To-Clean, All-Plastic Seat For Extended Service Life
  • Filter Screen Prevents The Recirculation Of Solids Through Pump
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