DC Locomotives (C21-C25EMP)

Leverages a rich history of 7FDL diesel-engine performance coupled with microprocessor control

The “C Series” locomotives are designed for low weight per axle and configurable horsepower.

The 7FDL12 cylinders/EFI/ turbocharged engine and the BrightStar Micro Processor Control System with traction-motors temperature control provides high performance and reliability. The 7FDL engine is proven in operations at very high altitudes, above 4,000 meters, and temperatures from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C, withstanding highly cyclic thermal loads.

Product Details

Light Weight DC Locomotives (C21-C25EMP)

Product Specifics

  • Engine: 7FDL12 up to 3300 GHP/2300 to 3000 THP @ 1050 rpm
  • Power Transmission: AC-DC /BrightStar Control System
  • Electronic Air Brake System
  • Starting/Continuous Tractive Effort: (STE) 32,000, (CTE) 26,500 kgf
  • Dynamic Braking Effort (DBE): 22,400 kgf (peak)
  • Axle loading/arrangement: 16 - 20 mt, C-C
  • Fuel Capacity: 4500 - 6000 liters usable
  • Gauge: 1.00 – 1.676 meter

Qualitative Benefits

  • Low weight per axle with 12 cylinders/medium speed engine
  • Extended overhaul intervals compared with similar lightweight locomotives
  • Lower-horsepower deration at high altitude.
  • Designed to operate on sharp curves and to meet tight tunnel clearances.
  • Low operational costs, high availability and reliability
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