Green Air

The industry’s first air conditioning system to use R290 natural refrigerant

Wabtec's Green Air sets the new market standard for natural refrigerant HVAC systems.

  • Environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic refrigerant solutions
  • Can be used in all climatic zones
  • Suitable for most types of rail vehicles
  • For application on new builds or as aftermarket upgrades
  • Efficient heat pump option available
  • Provides similar cooling performance as existing synthetic, refrigerant-based solutions with same train power supply requirements
Next Generation Technology

Customer & Environmental Benefits

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Reduces Global Warming Potential

Traditional synthetic refrigerants, such as R-134a, have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1430.These high-GWP refrigerants trap substantially more heat in the atmosphere than natural R290-based solutions. R290 refrigerant has a GWP of 3 and meets long-term regulatory requirements, eliminating the need for costly equipment changes to adhere to environmental standards.

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Operational Savings

Green Air offers up to 30% weight savings compared to CO2 applications and 50% lower filling charge compared to 513a applications.

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System Compatibility

Similar pressure level and auxiliary power supply requirements when compared to synthetic solutions. In addition, the mechanical interfaces are identical in most applications.

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Energy Efficient

Coefficient of performance (COP) over ambient temperature for a theoretical unit offers similar performance compared to R134a and better than CO2 (R744) and Air-cycle (R729)

Green Air HVAC - Energy Efficient
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Proven Technology

Our Green Air HVAC technology has been tested and validated by external experts including the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Germany and TÜV SÜD. Green Air has been running in daily passenger operations since July 2020 with Deutsche Bahn in Germany.

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