In Erie, a Lot Rides on Our Success

In Writing Erie’s Future Together, we looked at the vitality of the Erie plant within a very challenging competitive environment and the benefits of working together as One Wabtec. When Erie employees step up to make this plant more competitive and play team ball, Erie thrives, and that brings with it greater opportunities and benefits for employees and their families.

But there’s also a ripple effect when we succeed together. The benefits of a vibrant, competitive Erie plant extend beyond our four walls and families to include the greater community of Erie County and surrounding areas. A thriving Wabtec generates a tremendous amount of economic activity within the local economy, improving the economic vitality of Erie by stimulating economic growth and raising the overall standard of living. And that ripple effect works both ways – our success makes the community better, and better communities make life for us, and our families, better.

Here's how our success at Erie directly impacts our surrounding communities:

Job Creation

When we all do our part to make the Erie plant competitive, Wabtec Erie is a vital force. How vital? Wabtec provides employment opportunities for thousands of individuals living in Erie. The most recent report by the Erie County Data Center found that Wabtec employed 2,240 people in Erie County. These jobs generated $890 million in economic value for Erie, including essential tax revenue the Erie government uses to fund local schools, first responders, public services, museums, libraries and critical infrastructure projects for the benefit of the community.

Wabtec’s impact on the local economy isn’t limited to the people it employs; the benefits of a prosperous Erie plant’s increased business activity extend to other businesses, such as suppliers and service providers. In fact, the most recent data available from the Erie County Data Center found that an additional 2,123 jobs in Erie County trace their existence directly to the business activity at the plant. And it estimates that the value of this increased economic activity totaled $166 million annually. Again, this leads to greater opportunities for local businesses to thrive and increased tax revenue to support government services.

Economic Multiplier Effect

Wabtec creates a vibrant business community that generates essential economic activity to enable Erie to grow. In all, through income generated by the 4,463 jobs attributable to Wabtec, and the increased household spending these wages enable, the total economic impact of Wabtec on the Erie community approaches $1.25 billion annually. This economic impact cannot be overstated. A thriving business community makes the area more attractive and livable through the provision of jobs for residents and access to new products, services, and conveniences.

Community Support

Wabtec’s impact on Erie extends beyond our support of small businesses and economic growth; it also includes support for local community projects and the development of vital community infrastructure. Community events, facilities, and public art are all supported by Wabtec dollars and people. Most notably, Wabtec hosts “Bids for Kids,” an annual charitable giving event that Erie leads, and which expanded to include Pittsburgh this year. Bids for Kids has raised over $2 million for local child-oriented charities in Erie over the last 27 years. Also, in the first quarter of 2023 alone, 110 Wabtec employees united to make a difference in the Erie community by volunteering a combined 306 hours to support the Erie City Mission, the March for Babies/NICU Drive, the Edison Community School Initiative, the Second Harvest Food Bank, and other worthwhile causes.

Wabtec plays an important role in improving the quality of life in the Erie community, both as an employer and as an institution with a long history of supporting the community. When we thrive, so does Erie. A lot rides on our success, and that success depends on our actions. Together we all play an important role in contributing to the growth and vitality of the region.