Seals, Gaskets & Accessories

High performance components designed to maximize the life cycles of engines and provide superior reliability.

Swellex™ Engine Gaskets & Seals
Swellex™ Engine Gasket & Seal Kits

High performance seals & gaskets for improved performance, efficiency and extended service life

Pipe Coupling Gaskets
Pipe Coupling Gaskets

Industry preferred replacement pipe seals and reducers for all common coupling systems

High Performance Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

Protects locomotive exhaust systems for the entire life cycle

Locomotive Air Brake Rubber Components & Kits
Air Brake Rubber Kits & Components

OEM & aftermarket rubber components & kits for air brake applications

Locomotive Cleats & Grommets
Cleats & Grommets

Prevents water & oil saturation and provides complete electrical insulation from cable to frame

Fuel Site Bowl Clevis & Seal Kit
Fuel Sight Bowl Clevis & Seal Kits

Self-torquing clevis & sight bowl with contoured seal to prevent fuel leaks

Locomotive Control Handles
Locomotive Control Handles

Replacement handles for safe locomotive operations

Magnetic Signs
Magnetic Signs

Promotes a safe working environment during repair & maintenance processes

Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges

"Rugged Heavy" liquid filled & dry pressure gauges

Locomotive Power Assembly Components
Power Assembly Components

Fluid handling and hardware components for EMD power assemblies

Protectors & Covers
Protectors & Covers

Protect against oil & fuel splash and keep contaminates out to maximize engine & component life cycles