Underground Drill Guidance Solution

Wabtec’s Underground Drill Guidance Solution (DGS) enables a safer environment for your people and equipment.

Helping underground coal operations drain gas and water for over 28 years.​

Wabtec Underground DGS is a leading provider of Measure While Drilling for underground coal mines. Our systems are known for their accuracy and reliability, which help to improve the safety of workers and increase the efficiency and profitability of mining operations. 

  • Accurate drilling helps to prevent accidents and injuries by reducing the risk of mistakes or errors.​
  • A reliable drill guidance system can help to reduce downtime and improve the efficiency of the drilling operation, which can increase the amount of coal that is extracted.​
  • By improving safety and efficiency, a reliable drill guidance system can help to increase the profitability of the mine.​
  • Accurate drilling can help to prevent damage to the mine, which can be costly and time-consuming to repair.​
  • A reliable drill guidance system can help to reduce the overall risk associated with underground coal mining.
Wabtec's Underground Drill Guidance Solution


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Protect People & Equipment
Wabtec Corporation
Efficiency Gains
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Damage Prevention
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Reduce Risk of Outbursts
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Improve Profitability

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