iSmart Display

Opening up new dimensions by enriching the passenger experience and easily integrating into trains, metros, and trams

iSmart Display, a new generation of best-in-class displays with high-quality visual rendering and aesthetic design, stretches boundaries of interior design and simplifies its fitting on any wall, ceiling, window or glass partition.

Today’s passengers are more connected than ever. They increasingly take advantage of high-tech tools to simplify their lives – and their travel experience. Integrating the latest digital and electronic technologies into a train’s design is therefore a must. But choosing solutions that are easy to integrate and robust enough to meet passenger needs over the long term can be a challenge.

Wabtec provides industry-leading passenger information and video-security systems to the rail industry. We design systems that focus on improving the passenger experience, making Wabtec one of a select few suppliers that offers such a comprehensive range of passenger-centric solutions.  

Our cutting-edge expertise in screen technology allows us to develop innovative solutions designed especially for railways. Our international network, comprised of centers of excellence in France, Germany, Switzerland, and China, provides local expertise for optimized solutions in close proximity with customers. 


iSmart Display

Opening up new dimensions

Lean. Immersive. Seamless. Smart.


Why iSmart Display?

Whether you are a car-builder, an operator, a designer, consulting and engineering firm, or passenger, iSmart Display brings you multiple benefits.

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Smart design

Smart integration and design flexibility

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Operating costs saving

Long lifetime and low power consumption

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In-house manufacturing

TFT screen cutting, unique double-sided backlight

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Better visual experience

High visual rendering & great aesthetic design


A place for every iSmart Display and every iSmart Display in its place

Because every place has its own constraints, Wabtec has developed a range of iSmart Displays specifically designed for these locations.

  • On a glass partition
  • Above an access door
  • At the saloon entrance
  • On a window
  • At the ceiling

Ultra-thin double-sided TFT

Adding displays in the platform area can be a challenge. So why not using existing glasses, and integrate the display into them? This is one of the main concepts behind iSmart Display: Smart integration of displays in interior designs.

Ultra-thin and robust

iSmart Display is made of an innovative, very-compact stack of two TFT screens with a protective glass that reconciles aesthetic and resistance features

Easy cleaning

The perfect integration of iSmart Display into the glass partition keeps surfaces flat, no additional corners or edges

Easy mounting and removal

iSmart Display is hung on the glass partition by just a few screws to facilitate its maintenance

Ultra-stretched TFT

Its outstanding width gives you the opportunity to completely rethink the conventional route map by adding real-time information: connections, arrival time, door operations.

One-piece TFT construction

Thanks to our in-house cutting process, we can deliver very wide iSmart Display

Wide viewing angle

Optical Bonding provides wide angle of vision to make iSmart Display easy to read from anywhere in the coach

Long lifetime

Thanks to unique Backlight Intelligent Management, iSmart Display has a constant luminosity and a much longer life

Stretched TFT behind a black opaque glass

Its smart assembly gives an elegant interior design to your saloon entrance. Its wide black opaque glass across the entire width of the coach is optically bonding with a stretched TFT, giving the illusion of a large display the size of the glass.

Smart banner

iSmart Display transforms banners into displays thanks to Optical Bonding that gives the feeling of an endless screen.

Long lifetime

Thanks to unique Backlight Intelligent Management, iSmart Display has a constant luminosity and a much longer lifetime.

Customized dimensions

Thanks to our in-house cutting process, we can deliver the most appropriate iSmart Display’s size for your needs.

Ultra-Thin stretched TFT

Make your club cars more attractive by adding ultra-thin stretched display on the windows. You can play any media: movies, images, animations, texts

Customized size

Thanks to our in-house cutting process, we can deliver the most appropriate iSmart Display’s size for your needs.


iSmart Display’s assembly benefits from Optical Bonding and Enhanced Optical Filters to reduce it thickness.

Easy mounting and removal

iSmart Display is independent of the window to optimize maintenance costs.

Ultra-Thin Double-sided TFT

Its remarkable thickness provides an impression of lightness while being extremely robust. This high definition display is the perfect companion for rich travel information.

Only 25 mm thick

Wrapped in an aluminum body and guarded by vandalism protection through safety glass, iSmart Display combines aesthetics and resistance

High-quality visual rendering

Optical Bonding and Enhanced Optical Filters increase visibility and brightness of iSmart Display’s high-resolution screens

Low consumption

Our unique backlight technology reduces the energy consumption of the iSmart Display by 40% and increases its lifetime

Innovations you can trust

Frequently Asked Questions

Optical bonding removes the “air-gap” between the panel and the protective glass. This increases the visible angle of the screen and the brightness of the colours.

The unique optical film stack designed by Wabtec makes the backlight more efficient. The light of the backlight is directed and results in a higher brightness with the same power consumption

The lifetime of a TFT-displays is mainly determined by the lifetime of its LED-backlight. The luminosity of the LED-backlight declines over its lifetime, fading by half after 50’000h. At half luminosity, displays are barely readable. Wabtec uses LED-backlights with a reserve of up to 400%. Over the lifetime, the current is slowly increased and therefore compensates the decrease of luminosity of the LED. The TFT-display has a constant luminosity and a much longer lifetime, thanks to unique Backlight Intelligent Management.

Wabtec cuts regular TFT displays down to a customer and application specific size. Since the TFT displays are immediately resealed after being cut, the displays retain all their functionality, technical characteristics and longevity they had before the process. Wabtec produces stretched displays at its own site in Suzhou. The entire production process stays within the company. 

Thanks to its in-house manufacturing, Wabtec can assemble an ultra-thin stack (25 mm thick) of two TFT screens optically bonded with a protective glass and one shared backlight with Enhanced Optical Filters and Intelligent Management. This unique assembly gives a robust, and light weight display.  

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