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Mining is an important industry. It plays a vital role in the global economy. It is also an industry that faces challenges, such as the need for greater safety, the adoption of smart technologies and a focus on sustainability. In order to address these challenges, many mining companies adopt a safer, smarter, and greener approach to their operations. 

Safer mining practices involve the implementation of strict safety protocols with regular training programs for workers on how to stay safe on the job. This helps prevent accidents and improve overall safety of mining operations. The use of advanced technologies such as collision awareness systems and drill guidance systems helps mines detect and avoid potential hazards in real-time, further enhancing safety.

Smarter mining incorporates the use of advanced technologies. Machine learning, data analytics, digital twins and remote monitoring are used to improve the efficiency and productivity of mining operations. These technologies allow mines to gain valuable insights into their operations and make data-driven decisions that help increase output and reduce costs.

Greener mining involves the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies and practices. This is typically achieved when mines operate in a safer and smarter way. 

A safer, smarter and greener approach allows mining companies to address the challenges facing the industry and position themselves for success in the future.

Collision Awareness (CAS)│Wabtec Corporation
Collision Awareness (CAS)

The industry’s most advanced Collision Awareness System uses next generation technology to advance safety. Accurate sensors and algorithms detect vehicles and hazards on the mining site. Voice based warnings and real-time system health monitoring creates the collision avoidance system of today.

Wabtec Digital Mine Asset Perfomance Management
Asset Performance Management

Wabtec's APM optimizes the performance and reliability of assets critical to mining operations, increasing uptime, decreasing costs, and reducing risks. Our APM capabilities deliver a practical, fit-for-purpose solution, enabling our customers to realize rapid time to value and maximize return on capital.

Wabtec Mining Digital Mine Advanced Monitoring and Sensing Solutions
Advanced Monitoring & Sensing Solutions

We partner with our customers to ensure that real time information is being collected and distributed via distributed sensing capabilities by collaborating with Hifi Engineering & Stone Three

Wabtec Digital Core Electronics and Analytics Digital Mine Operations Performance Management
Operations Performance Management

We work with our customers to turn data into insights to increase revenue and margin by optimizing the performance, yield and throughout

Underground Drill Guidance Solution│Wabtec Corporation
Underground Drill Guidance Solution

Wabtec Underground DGS is a leading provider of Measure While Drilling for underground coal mines. Our systems are known for their accuracy and reliability, which help to improve the safety of workers and increase the efficiency and profitability of mining operations. 

Wabtec Digital Core Electronics and Analytics Services Management
Services Management

We work with our customers to provide field service management and real-time communication solutions – enabling our Miners to transform their service from reactive break-fix model to predictive service that minimizes unplanned downtime

Success Stories

Wabtec Digital Mine in the News

Wabtec successfully tests Level 9 Collision Awareness System on Komatsu 730E and 860E trucks

Wabtec has successfully tested its Collision Awareness System (CAS) Vehicle Intervention Solution, with Komatsu, the global provider of mining equipment, technology and automated solutions. The test results are a significant safety milestone in the mining industry. The test showed that when integrated with the Komatsu Machine Intervention Controller (MIC), the CAS solution passed all key performance criteria. It also demonstrated the ability to decelerate a haul truck under a controlled deacceleration strategy.

Wabtec and ITUS Digital Announce Strategic Partnership

ROANOKE, Va., Nov. 2, 2021 -- Itus Digital and Wabtec today announced a partnership to deliver Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions to the mining industry.  The solution combines Itus's APM platform with Wabtec's mining equipment expertise and enables mining organizations to deliver predictable production, optimize maintenance activities and reduce operational risk.

Probe IMT emphasising sensor-based intelligent mining at Electra including Wabtec CAS

 Probe IMT says it has seen a strong uptake of digital solutions incorporating real-time monitoring. Sensor-based asset management systems have become the integrated mining solution provider’s most popular product, including a suite of real-time monitoring products and solutions from local brand M3SH and leading global brand Wabtec.

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