Electric Drive Systems

With more than half a century of electric drive systems excellence, and over 1 billion hours of operation worldwide, Wabtec mining has the largest fleet of rugged, field-proven AC drive systems in the world.

In 1996, Wabtec introduced AC drive systems to the industry and today is the leader in advanced AC drive technology.

Wabtec’s AC electric drive systems offer lower operating costs and higher haul productivity over mechanical drives. They eliminate wearing components such as torque converters, drive shafts, transmissions and differentials to reduce maintenance, improve truck availability and lower lifecycle cost.

Wabtec offers the most complete line of AC electric drive systems in the industry, ranging from 100-400 ton capacity.

Electric Drive System

Key Advantages

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Broader Retarding Envelope

Up to 81%

Downhill speed advantage vs. mechanical drives reduces cycle time and brake wear

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Higher Gradeability


Continuous grade allows for steeper hauls and reduced cycle time

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Higher Speed

40 mph

Top end speed increases productivity and reduces cycle time

Wabtec Corporation
Fewer Components


Fewer wear components vs. mechanical drives results in less maintenance and higher availability


Wabtec's Integrated Optimized AC Drive Systems

Our AC Electric Drive System consists of a control system, an alternator, dynamic retarding assembly and motorized wheels.

Mining Integrated Electric Drive Systems︱Wabtec Corporation
  1. AC Control Group
    Controls engine load and power flow

  2. Alternator
    Generates electrical power

  3. Dynamic Retarding Assembly
    Dissipates retarding energy
  4. Motorized Wheels
    Deliver tractive effort
Mining Integrated Electric Drive Systems︱Wabtec Corporation
Wabtec’s Integrated Optimized Drive Systems

Dedicated to transforming the mining industry by doing what Wabtec does best

— developing leading sustainable technologies to build, power and move the world.

As global demands for energy and raw materials continue to grow, mining companies face ever-increasing challenges to bring these resources to market in an environmentally conscious way. To help mines achieve success, we are committed to being the preferred global supplier of premium electric drive systems.

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