Interoperable Electronic Train Management System (I-ETMS)

Digital Transport Logistics Interoperable Electronic Train Management System I-ETMS
Digital Transport Logistics Interoperable Electronic Train Management System I-ETMS

Wabtec’s I-ETMS (Interoperable Electronic Train Management System) system is a safety-critical overlay system that provides means to enforce movement authorities, speed restrictions, work zones and switch positioning to help reduce the potential for train accidents. I-ETMS integrates new technology with existing train control and operating systems to enhance train-operation safety.

With I-ETMS, the crew remains in control of the train. The system monitors and ensures the crew’s compliance with all operating instructions, while the display screen provides the train crew with a wealth of operating information. The on-board computer, with the aid of an on-board geographic track database database and GPS system, constantly calculates warning and braking curves based on all relevant train and track information including speed, location, movement authority, speed restrictions, work zones, and consist restrictions. All information is combined and analyzed in real time to provide a “safety-net” for improved train operation

I-ETMS® also queries wayside devices, checking for broken rails, proper switch alignment and signal aspects. I-ETMS can integrate with Wabtec’s train management dispatch system, TMDS®, a train control solution for all methods of operation including CTC, TWC, DTC, and PTC.

I-ETMS is made up of four unique components: the Office Segment, the Wayside Segment, the Communication Segment and the Locomotive Segment.

I-ETMS Benefits:

The I-ETMS system is designed to prevent:

  • Train-to-train collisions
  • Overspeed derailments
  • Incursions into established work-zone limit
  • Movement of a train through a switch left in the wrong position.

I-ETMS Key Onboard Components:

Wabtec offers various components for use with the I-ETMS system. The Locomotive Segment refers to a set of onboard hardware, software, and devices that interface with locomotive control equipment, including an onboard computer & display, GPS, RF communication, and EOT communication.

The Locomotive Segment accepts movement authorities, temporary speed restrictions, other mandatory directives, train consist data, and other relevant information from the Office Segment. Switch position and signal indications may be directly received by the Locomotive Segment via communication with the Wayside Segment.

Train Management Computer (TMC):

The onboard Train Management Computer (TMC) consists of Train Control Processors, Business Application Processors, Input/Output, Ethernet Switch. The TMS meets AAR locomotive environmental, vibration, and other specifications.

  • Enforces Movement Authorities, Speed Limits, Hand Throw Switch Alignment
  • Triple Train Control CPUs for Safety and High Availability
  • Meets Subpart I Requirements for PTC Systems
  • Hosts Energy Management Application CPU
  • Hosts ITC Message Router (ITCM) CPU

Computer Display Unit (CDU):

The Computer Display Unit (CDU) provides the train crew with a wealth of operating information:

  • Displays Train Location, Track Features, Restrictions, Work Zones
  • Enhances Situational Awareness
  • Crew Entry of Credentials
  • Dual Displays Available to Support Additional Crew with Duties in Cab
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