Wabtec’s Wireless Crossing Safety system is designed to improve safety while increasing average train speeds and optimizing crossing-activation times.

Using wireless activation, the system acts as an overlay to existing track circuits and allows crossings to be traversed independent of track circuits. This enables a train to safely pass through a crossing at a speed above the track circuit design in order to maximize average train speed, or to traverse a crossing at a speed below the track circuit design while providing consistent activation time.



locomotive icon
Train handling guidance

Train handling guidance

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Predicted arrival time display

Predicted arrival time display

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Unhealthy crossing speed enforcement

Unhealthy crossing speed enforcement

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Reduction in expensive infrastructure changes

Optimized crossing activation time and minimized crossing activation time for station stops. Changing the design speed for a crossing is expensive and time consuming. Wabtec’s WCA System allows for changes to the crossing design through software updates as opposed to expensive infrastructure changes

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