Asset Performance Management

Do you know the health of your assets?

Wabtec’s Remote monitoring offering connects your assets with the latest in data analytics + >200yrs of experience in our Global Performance Optimization Center (GPOC) to ensure you have a pulse on your assets 24/7, 365 days a year.

14,000 assets monitored. 12 million data points each day.

Wabtec’s tools, analytics, and people support a global fleet of assets to keep them running at their best. GPOC experts have access to locomotive data, operating conditions (e.g.  location, train set-up, weather), configuration, previous maintenance history, and crew/help desk reports to make the best determination of required maintenance on your operating locomotives. As a result of this troubleshooting Wabtec has developed its own proprietary set of repair procedures “Rx” that can be prescribed to a unit before it hits a shop and issued directly to a customer’s maintenance system seamlessly integrating into your own operations.

Wabtec Expert on Alert
Expert on Alert

Centralized remote monitoring of locomotive health status and performance in real time.

Power Advisor
Power Advisor

Forecasting asset health & performance

Wabtec Smart Shop
Smart Shop

An integrated solution comprised of eServices, remote monitoring & diagnostics solutions, analytics based work-scopes, and best practice Service Shop management processes

GPOC Expertise

Develop a custom tailored solution to fit your needs

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Early Detection of Imminent Failure
Icon RX Recommended Maintenance
Rx Recommended Maintenance
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Geofencing Location
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Inbound Assessment
Business Ethics and Compliance
Outbound Verification
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Process Consultation
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Custom Analytics Support
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Health Scores
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