Swellex™ Engine Gasket & Seal Kits

Swellex™ Engine Gaskets & Seals
Swellex™ Locomotive Engine Gaskets
Swellex™ Engine Gaskets & Seals
Swellex™ Locomotive Engine Gaskets

Less maintenance, less downtime, more value

Wabtec offers a full spectrum of gaskets and kits designed for locomotive and other large diesel engines. Choose from OEM style or upgrade to our proprietary Swellex™ swell-in-place gasket material.

Swellex™ delivers enhanced sealing properties especially with worn, warped or pitted flange surfaces, doesn’t require the use of additional paste sealants and won’t lose bolt torque over time like conventional materials.

  • State of the art CNC gasket fabrication allows for precise cuts, short lead times and easy customization
  • Available in thicknesses from 1/64” to 1/8”
  • Formulations tailored to water or oil applications

Engine Platforms:

  • EMD 567
  • EMD 645
  • EMD 710
  • GE 7FDL
  • GE EVO

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