Internships & Co-Ops

Expand your skills

Ready to make a move that will build your skills, provide you with critical experiences, and launch your career?

One of the best ways to get a feel for our business is to join us for an internship, co-op or apprenticeship. Our programs are designed to give you the foundation you need to learn, develop and grow. From day one, you’ll be working on projects that matter. You’ll get hands-on experience while collaborating with some of the best minds in the world.

A Wabtec internship, co-op experience or apprenticeship combines diverse experiences and continuous learning for students at different levels and duration of graduation. The common goal of all our student opportunities is to help you put theory into practice. With support from your team, you will tackle real projects that will offer you the opportunity to leave your mark! We want to learn from you just as much as you want to learn from us. The challenges will stretch you and build on your classroom learning like never before. You will have numerous opportunities to build your network through leadership exposure, projects and social activities.