Talon – Configuration Management System
Talon – Configuration Management System

TALON is a web based configuration management system comprising five main Modules

  • Sites (Location) Management
  • Reports Management
  • Files Management
  • Files Workflow
  • Admin (only shown to Admin users)

Talon is a configuration management system built for the Rail industry to manage Sites and Equipment, Drawings, Software files, Approval workflows, Issue tracking and versioning. The tool allows for user to define the data classes and properties. The user can create any number of classes to define properties of various equipment information, workflow templates and FRA templates. The tool provides for defect reports, change requests, field issue tracking, FRA Tests and building your own reports. Equipment can be created identifying their sub systems and their attributes. Periodic alerts are generated while tracking issues, workflows and permissions.

  • Standard version
  • Limited Customization version

Frequently Asked Questions

Talon can be installed on the Railroad company’s server infrastructure or use Wabtec’s cloud based solution.

Talon can be configured by the Railroad company’s administrator who are trained by Wabtec to manage the application. The configuration can be setup using features provided in the application.

The diskspace is the limitation.

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