Wabtec Digital Electronics RailDOCS
Wabtec Digital Electronics RailDOCS

Boost productivity and keep wayside maintenance efforts on track.

RailDOCS™ is a cloud-based mobile software platform used for configuration management, testing, inspecting, reporting and maintaining track, signal, bridge, and communications equipment. It also provides the means to track and manage signal, train crew and dispatcher employee time and availability. RailDOCS™ stores over 6 million test forms for 100,000 locations and helps comply with railroad, state and federal regulations.

Core Capabilities
  • Manages tests, inspections, component configurations, guidelines and interactions
  • Tracks & manages employee time through FRA mandated Hours Of Service
  • Offers instant access to info requested during inspection
Differentiating Features
  • Integrated modules maintain all key wayside assets, plans and employee management
  • Uses largest database of Railroad OEM asset specifications and inspection data in North America
  • Software deployment management uses CRC-matching technology
  • Contains powerful user-specified compliance rule engine
  • Effectively uses resources for workforce optimization
Optimized Outcomes
  • Helps ensure regulatory compliance
  • Boosts employee productivity and performance management
  • Manages wayside locations, spares, service bulletins, application software and plans
  • Web based
  • Mobile/off-line test entries

Frequently Asked Questions

RailDOCS™ has the complete set of 234/236 test forms. Additional tests can be added to comply with local and railroad mandates.

Absolutely! The test data is saved on secure servers and can be printed for FRA review. If needed, a special temporary account can be created for FRA auditors for any onsite audits. The FRA auditors will only see the FRA regulatory data.

Each maintainer is assigned to milepost ranges and that maintainer is responsible for ensuring the tests and inspections for all track and assets within that range. The Web pages of RailDOCS™ are laid out specifically for management to track the on-time percentage, drilling down from Directors to Managers to Supervisors to each Maintainer.

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