LOCOTROL® Remote-Control Locomotive (RCL)

Digital Train Performance and Automation LOCOTROL RCL
Digital Train Performance and Automation LOCOTROL RCL

LOCOTROL® Remote-Control Locomotive (RCL) technologies enable a single operator on the mainline or in a yard to remotely control a heavy-haul locomotive using a handheld operator control unit (OCU) for scenarios such as set outs, pick-ups, and locomotive movements in yard. Building on the success of the Yard RCL and enabled by the new LOCOTROL® XA (Expanded Architecture) platform, the new RCL platform results in crew optimization, increased automation, and efficient train operations.


  • Improve crew productivity
  • Reduce car dwell time in yards
  • Reduce manpower for switching operations
  • Eliminate or reduce low-horse-power locomotive fleet
  • Pave way for automation on mainlines and yards
  • Proven product – Over 750 RCL systems deployed

Road RCL has a wide range of applications:

  • A single operator can conduct local pick-ups and drop-offs between origin and destination and set-out bad order cars
  • A single operator can bring stranded trains into congested yards if the road crews’ time expires
  • Yard-crew member can hostel mainline power around the yard, conduct switching operations, and build the train for departure
  • Mainline power can be used to build trains and conduct switching operations in the yard
  • Mainline power can be used on the hump in the remote-control operation thus reducing need for low-horse-power fleet
  • Road RCL can be utilized in slow-speed loading and unloading operations, reducing the use of road crews and leading to efficient operations

RCL Key Features:

  • Advanced speed control and airbrake control
  • Alt Comm: 220/LTE/WiFi
  • Combined yard and road OCU (Operator Control Units)
  • Integration with hump control
  • Locomotive slow speed integration
  • Support to both conventional and DP trains
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