Parts & Inventory Management

Wabtec Parts Inventory Management
Wabtec Parts Inventory Management

Our parts and inventory management solution offers access to:

  • Materials stocking and planning methods including conventional to high density storage, secure and safe storage, lean/Six Sigma backed accurate and dynamic stocking schemeds, service centric planning applications, demand trend analytics, cross account shopping lanes
  • Innovative transportation methods including expert routing teams supporting 24/7/365 operations, optimized in-country shipping lanes, next-day-delivery focused expedited shipments, and state of the art tracking mechanisms.


  • Consultation
  • On-site Materials
  • Complete on-site enterprise
  • Planning and Forecasting
  • Inventory and Freight Optimization 


  • Class I and II Railroads
  • Mining
  • Service Focused Businesses
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Parts & Inventory Management

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