Technical Training & Certification

Wabtec Technical Training Certification
Wabtec Technical Training Certification

Our world-class training and qualification program provides our employees and our customers with the ability to train and qualify service shop managers, supervisors, and technicians in the diagnosis, repair and maintenance of our locomotives and engines. 

Leveraging virtual on-demand courses, as well as in-person hands-on classes and workshops, customers can update their knowledge of technical and operational best practices on an ongoing basis.  


  • Improved technician efficiency 
  • Capabilities assessment and education
  • Reduce training costs and time


  • Basic and advanced courses
  • Standard locomotive and marine models
  • Multiple languages 
  • Annual licensing for continuous training
  • Full size engines
  • Training aids/mock-ups
  • Operational locomotive 
  • On customer equipment 


  • Dash 7, Dash 8, Dash 9, AC4400, Powerhaul, EVO Series
  • FDL, P616 and EVO Platforms
  • AC and DC Power
  • V228 and V250 Marine and Stationary Engines
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Technical Training & Certification

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