Locomotive HVAC Unit ME7070│Wabtec Corporation
Locomotive HVAC Unit ME7070│Wabtec Corporation

ME7070 - Proven HVAC performance in any weather

An underfloor-mounted unit that delivers reliable performance with minimal maintenance.
Our ME7070, EMD-style sub-base HVAC is ruggedly designed to deliver comfort and years of trouble-free operation. The microprocessor-controlled unit contains a built-in soft-start and heater control to reduce stress on motors, electronic circuitry and the locomotive power buss during startup. Its three-hour timer shuts the unit down whenever the cab is unoccupied, and internal thermostats prevent icing and heater-coil overheating.



  • 30,000 BTUH Cooling Capacity In 2 Stages
  • 11.25 KW Heating Capacity In 3 Stages
  • 2-Stage Blower Only Operation
  • High-Performance Blower
  • State-Of-The-Art Electronic Components
  • Internal Thermostat Keeps Cab Temperatures In The Comfort Zone
  • Hermetically Sealed, Scroll Compressor
  • Built-In Overload Protection And Safety Controls


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