ME7091 Series Locomotive HVAC │Wabtec Corporation
ME7091 Series Locomotive HVAC │Wabtec Corporation

ME7091 - An underfloor-mounted unit for GE locomotives that delivers reliable performance with minimal maintenance. 

A unitary heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system designed for use on diesel-electric locomotives on the underfloor locomotive applications of the GE EVO style platform.

This series of HVAC units are inverter driven unit designed to operate on the 74VDC locomotive bus creating three-phase AC power for the HVAC motor loads.  All motors are inverter driven and the compressor is a reliable hermetic scroll style.

This combination of heater/air conditioner will meet the environmental requirements of the locomotive cab year-round. It is equipped with 11.25 kilowatts of standard electric heat (other wattages are optional) which is controlled by the inverter to deliver the heat required to the cab.

The ME7091 series of HVAC units have high performance blowers and fans to deliver conditioned air to the locomotive cab. The unit inverter has 8 standard modes of operation (Off, Low Fan, High Fan, Low Cool, High Cool, Low Heat, Medium Heat, High Heat), other modes are optional on some models and has an integrated thermostats and safeties to control the cab environment.

The inverter and HVAC unit are designed with state-of-the-art electronics, overload and reverse polarity protections, as well as motor load protections to guard against conditions which would cause the HVAC unit to fail.


  • 30,000 BTUH Cooling Capacity In 2 Stages
  • 11.25 KW Heating Capacity In 3 Stages
  • 2-Stage Blower Only Operation
  • High-Performance Blower
  • State-Of-The-Art Electronic Components
  • Internal Thermostat Keeps Cab Temperatures In The Comfort Zone
  • Hermetically Sealed, Scroll Compressor
  • Built-In Overload Protection And Safety Controls
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