Comprehensive dispatch and back office control

Increasing the efficiency of dispatchers through an integrated work environment.

TCOS is an integrated dispatch control solution that brings together multiple dispatching functions for Centralized Traffic Control (CTC), Track Warrant Control (TWC), Dark Territory (DT), and Positive Train Control (PTC) into one system for efficient train management. TCOS utilizes commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and software to create a system that is straightforward and easy to operate and maintain.


Streamline dispatch execution and improve service delivery

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Productivity & Efficiency

Integrates multiple dispatching functions, including CTC, DTC, TWC, and PTC, into one system for efficient execution

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Easy Integration

Directly connects with SCADA systems, business management systems, and special interfaces (weather, earthquake, CIS, web, PTC, etc.) for easy integration with existing and future data sources

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Practical Reporting

Built-in business analysis reporting (velocity, train schedule adherence, GTM, etc.)

Product Capabilities

Key Modules and Capabilities

TMDS Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) – provides the generation and management of all mandatory directives, management of train operational data, and the presentation layer for train management/control.

Wabtec TMDS
  • Presentation Layer for Traffic Management/Business Rules/Safety-Conflict Mitigation/Resolution
  • Mandatory Directive Management (Authority/Restriction Management)
  • Train Information Management
  • Signal System Interfaces (SCADA)  
  • Business Management Information Interfaces
  • Special System Interfaces (weather, earthquake, CIS, Web, PTC, etc.)
  • Business Analysis Reporting (velocity, train schedule adherence, GTM etc.)
  • Auto-Routing (tactical execution, schedule or priority route based, some regional planning, etc.)

TCOS Back Office Server (BOS) – provides for the initialization, management, and delivery of datasets (e.g. authorities, bulletins, train-consist) to the I-ETMS locomotive segment.  

TCOS Mobile Device Manager (MDM) – provides for the file management of configuration files, track databases, and event logs to the I-ETMS locomotive segment.  

Independent Validation Office Server (IVOC) – provides for independent validation that ensures the completeness and correctness of mandatory directives delivered to the I-ETMS locomotive segment.

TCOS Admin Tools – provides for the management of all the data as it relates to the office segment’s database and entities required to operate I-ETMS

TCOS Network Management System (NMS) – provides for the network management system to monitor and present event/health statuses for I-ETMS office segment components.  


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