RailBAM│Wabtec Corporation
RailBAM│Wabtec Corporation

RailBAM is an acoustic based axle bearing defect detector that provides early warning and trending of bearing health which could help on preventing future bearing related catastrophic incidents.


System Features
  • Reliably detects axle bearing faults​
  • Beam forming technology​
  • Multiple bearing classes​
  • Web-based trending database​
  • Bearing fault alerts​
  • Wheel diameter measurement​
  • Axle count​
  • AAR rules compliant​
  • Automated system health checks​
  • Mixed traffic environment​
  • Ability to issue alarms and alerts to system stakeholders​
  • Early and consistent fault detection​
  • Provides accurate fleet-wide statistical data​
  • Inboard Variant Targets: Inboard axle journal, Gearboxes, Suspension/U-tube bearings, Traction motors​
Bearing Type Package, Axle Box and Passenger

Mixed fleet – heavy haul, intermodal and passenger 


Train length – unlimited

RF Tags Suitable for RF tagged vehicles (or virtual tagging reports)
Alarms User configurable, delivered via SMS, email or message to Central Train Control
Application Main Line/Depot
Environment Rail hardware and wayside hut equipment suitable for arctic, tropical and
desert environment; Rail hardware IP65 or greater
Database RailBAM information presented by the FleetONE database
General DC/AC power compatible, TCP/IP data transfer, suitable for electrified environment, all hardware isolated from the rail
Compliance Outputs in compliance with AAR rules and CE compliant
Standards Manufactured to ISO 9001/EN 50125 quality standards
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