NRS-260 Prime Rail Flaw Detection Vehicle
NRS-260 Prime Rail Flaw Detection Vehicle
Full Feature Test Vehicle

The NRS-260 Prime Rail Flaw Detection Vehicle with Freightliner M2 Crew Cab offers a roomy four passenger, high roof front cabin with ample space for supervisors, track inspectors, auditors or other personnel.


Key Features:​

  • Proprietary wheel probe design, including XL9-11, Sweeper, and Tracer wheels for 100% rail head and web inspection coverage as well as base detection
  • Enhanced side-looking transducers for vertical split head (VSH) detection
  • Optimized detection of transverse defects under sub-surface shelling conditions
  • Dedicated gage corner defect detection
  • Patented enhanced pattern recognition and defect classification
  • Forced operator acknowledgment of all anomalies
  • Fully integrated operating system with redundant data collection and storage
  • GPS tagging of car movement and defect location, to the thousandth of a mile
  • Testing speeds up to 30 mph (50 km/h) under optimal rail conditions
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