Wheel & Axle Inspection Systems│Wabtec Corporation
Wheel & Axle Inspection Systems│Wabtec Corporation
Versatile, High-Tech Ultrasonic Wheel & Axle Inspection.

Nordco Inspection Technologies stationary Ultrasonic Wheel & Axle Inspection System consists of multiple probes, which allow simultaneous inspection of wheel and axle for optimal throughput.

Our ultrasonic sensor technology is deployed using proprietary multi-sensor shoe-style test heads, which conform to the journal bearing surfaces and wheel treads to be inspected. The actuated test heads are positioned over the rotating test surfaces, while a fine mist of couplant ensures proper transfer of the ultrasonic energy. All run-off liquid is captured, filtered and recycled into the couplant delivery system.

Key Features:​

  • Multi-probe, concurrent inspection of wheel treads, journal bearing surfaces & axle shaft
  • Eight channel Rolling Search Unit
  • Custom shoe type probes
  • HD Digital Signal Processing platform
  • Fully automated
  • Wheel lift and drive mechanism
  • Stand-alone or in-line production
  • Real-time data collection & display
  • Bar-Code scanner
  • Reporting to AAR specifications
  • Database storage
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