Trip Optimizer™

Save fuel, reduce emissions, improve train handling and enable train automation

Trip Optimizer™ (“TO”) is a smart cruise-control system for trains that takes into account terrain, train make-up, speed restrictions and operating conditions to calculate an optimum speed profile. It then automatically controls locomotive throttle and dynamic brakes to reduce fuel burn and provide efficient train handling.

With Trip Optimizer, trains run on time, operate more smoothly, and use fuel more efficiently – resulting in fuel savings and corresponding emissions reduction.

Benefits, Outcomes

Trip Optimizer offers the following benefits:

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Sustainable fuel savings

Sustainable fuel savings. EPA-certified for 10% fuel savings

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Emissions reduction

Emissions reduction, emission credits

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Efficient train handling

Efficient train handling, consistent velocity performance

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Train automation

Key enabling technology for train automation

Product Features

Advanced Features

Trip Optimizer provides a number of advanced features, including air-brake advisement, LOCOTROL™ integration, PTC/ATP integration, Zero-To-Zero Operation, SmartHPT, and network pacing.

Air-brake Advisement:

Trip Optimizer anticipates where air-braking is required and, based on real-time monitoring, prompts the operator for air-brake application and release.

LOCOTROL™ Integration:

Trip Optimizer provides automatic control of LOCOTROL™ independent mode, providing smooth, consistent train handling for longer and heavier trains over challenging terrain.

PTC/ATP Integration:

Trip Optimizer has been integrated with the North American Positive Train Control (PTC) system and other Advanced Train Protection (ATP) systems. Trip Optimizer adjusts its plan in real-time based on signal and restriction updates to provide additional automation and fuel savings.

Zero-To-Zero Operation:

This new feature allows Trip Optimizer to start the train at 0 mph and stop the train to 0 mph, automatically, using air-brake control and signal-aspect information.


SmartHPT provides incremental fuel savings by optimizing train performance for a given HPT (Horse Power per Ton) target. The Auto Idle feature automatically idles trail locomotives when horse power is not needed to maintain velocity. Smart Planner uses railroad operating rules to avoid excessive use of HP on overpowered trains. Network Control increases savings from Auto Idle & Smart Planner by allowing control of individual trailing locomotives.

Network Pacing:

Trip Optimizer can be integrated with the Movement Planner system to further increase fuel savings. Movement Planner provides a time of arrival target, and Trip Optimizer will adjust the trip plan to meet the schedule, taking advantage of the extra time to maximize fuel efficiency.


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