Digital Train Performance and Automation LOCOTROL Tower Control
Digital Train Performance and Automation LOCOTROL Tower Control

LOCOTROL® Tower Control allows an operator situated locally or at a remote operation center to remotely control a train during loading and/or unloading operations. The locomotive under Tower Control (lead locomotive) must be LOCOTROL® -equipped, but the trail locomotives only need MU capability. The system utilizes locomotive speed control feature or LOCOTROL® DP speed control.


  • Increases efficiency at mines and ports
  • Enables unmanned locomotives for loading or dumping
  • Remotely move trains into, out of, or through loaders, dumpers, turnouts
  • Accurate, closed-loop control as train is loaded
  • Readily adaptable to site-specific grades and geography
  • Compatible with any LOCOTROL®-equipped locomotive
  •  Proven product with 30 years of experience with multiple customers

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