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Freight, Heavy Haul, Commuter, Light Rail, High Speed Trains

Turnkey design, build, installation, and commissioning of both conventional CTC and new Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) and PTC systems

Wabtec is a global leader in providing complete Turnkey Solutions that comprise design, build, installation, and commissioning of Centralized Traffic Control (CTC), Communications Based Train Control (CBTC), and PTC Systems.

Wabtec’s Turnkey Solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each customer and may include the following services:

  • Project management
  • Consulting services
  • System/track surveys
  • Development of requirements specifications
  • System application design
  • Application programming of microprocessor based interlockings
  • Signal and communications systems design testing and lab validation
  • Procurement of hardware
  • Signal House and case wiring and testing
  • Field installation
  • Field testing and commissioning
  • Maintainer training and assisted operations
  • Configuration management software tools
  • PTC track database creation and validation services

Services provided range from individual design tasks to turnkey design, build, installation, and commissioning of both conventional CTC and new Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) and PTC systems. Communications design services include voice and data radio communications networks, as well as the support of microwave and/or fiber backbone networks.


Providing integrated train control systems

Wabtec Systems Integration

Wabtec can provide turnkey integrated train control systems, addressing on-board, wayside, office, and communications network requirements. These use common building blocks from I-ETMS and TMDS product lines, with customized application engineering to meet unique customer requirements. I-ETMS is intended to be implemented across a broad spectrum of railroads and individual railroads can customize this system by adopting different variables that reflect individual railroad operations.
New I-ETMS systems, as “standalone configurations” provide the opportunity to reduce the level of conventional wayside signal system hardware required. In the base case, there is still the need for control of power switch machines and interface to defect detector systems, but wayside signals can be minimized.  This generally places more emphasis on the communications networks as needed to support reliable train operations.

I-ETMS as applied to meet U.S. FRA PTC requirements include the following core functions:

  • Prevent Train-to-Train Collisions:  Enforcement of signals and track warrants (non-signal territory movement authorities)
  • Enforce Speed Limits:  Signal, civil, permanent, and temporary speed limits.
  • Protect Work Zones:  Track maintenance worker and vehicle track and time protection.
  • Switch in Wrong Position:  Monitor switch positions in both signal and non-signal territory.
  • I-ETMS can be applied as overlay to existing signal systems, or as a standalone control system for lines without wayside signal systems.

Systems Integration

See how Communications Based Train Control designed by Wabtec is a vital technology to make trains safer and more efficient.

Class 1 railroads

Supporting PTC implementation plans for all Class 1 railroads

Wabtec is supporting PTC implementation plans for all Class 1 railroads:  BNSF, Union Pacific, CSX, Norfolk-Southern, Canadian National, CP Rail, and Kansas City Southern. The Class 1 railroads are their own system integrators, and purchase products and sub-systems from different suppliers to support their implementation plans. Sub-systems and services being provided by Wabtec to Class 1 railroads include:

  • ETMS Locomotive Systems: All Class 1 railroads are already receiving locomotive kits, which they mostly install in their own shops, with training support from Wabtec Global Services. Over 16,000 systems have been provided, with a total of over 23,000 planned to meet FRA PTC requirements. Most of the kits also include PTC Event Recorders. The Class 1 railroads are directly procuring the data radios. Commuter railroads generally purchase complete systems, including data radios and installation services.
  • PTC Back Office Servers:  The PTC BOS is being provided with interfaces to existing dispatch office systems. Wabtec customers for the PTC BOS include Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, CSX, Alaska Railroad, MetroLink (Southern California), and other commuter railways.
  • Track Database Tools:  All Class 1 railroads are using “Wabtrax” software to create and validate PTC track databases. Wabtec is also supplying “Hy-Rail” ETMS kits to support field validation of the track database and signal system applications.
  • TMDS Office Systems:  Additions are provided to support PTC in Wabtec supplied dispatch offices.
  • Wayside Signal Design:  Engineering services are provided to the Class 1 railroads to support survey, retrofit design plans, application engineering, and testing for addition of PTC “Wayside Interface Units” (WIU’s) to existing wayside signal systems.
Success Stories

Success in the US and Brazil

Wabtec Systems Integration CBTC Project
MRS Logistica (Brazil) CBTC Project

MRS Logistica is a 1,000 mile privately owned freight railway in southeastern Brazil, which hauls iron ore in addition to general freight, with a fleet of 500 locomotives. MRS contracted Wabtec in 2010 for turnkey design, supply, and installation of a Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) system, with a focus on increased capacity and safety.

Wabtec Systems Integration Fastracks Eagle P3 Project
Denver Transit Partners Fastracks Eagle P3 Project

Denver is building a new electrified commuter rail system, as part of its “Fastracks” rail expansion program, based upon a “Public-Private Partnership” (P3) agreement with Denver Transit Partners (DTP). The DTP group is headed by Fluor and Balfour Beatty and has responsibility for design and building the complete system, including tracks, stations, maintenance facilities, control office, and vehicles. In addition, DTP will operate and maintain the new system for 30 years. The system includes about 40 miles of double track, with 66 EMU’s from Hyundai-Rotem.

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