ExpressYard® Car Repair Billing

Boost productivity and fast-track your operations with streamlined railcar repair

The relentless pressure of high productivity, industry regulatory compliance and increasing customer expectations means there’s little room for error and inefficiency when it comes to running a railcar repair operation.

ExpressYard Car Repair Billing is a software solution designed to help railcar repair organizations simplify and manage billing and maintenance operations and ensure regulatory compliance. With the benefit of timely data, enhanced management information, and powerful decision-making tools, you can streamline and integrate your operations from better managing freight car repair billing, parts inventory, and employee labor hours to early warnings and maintenance advisories for railcars.

ExpressYard Maintenance Management capabilities drive results

Product Capabilities

ExpressYard Car Repair Billing

Key Capabilities:

  • Audit repairs against AAR/custom rules and pricing
  • Load, view, and print monthly invoice files
  • Track exceptions and perform counter billing
  • Automate assignment of repair responsibility
  • Customizable reports over all of your fleet data
  • Simplify railcar analysis through customizable business-intelligence reporting
  • Utilize component failure mileage data to predict maintenance repair needs
  • Repair history, mileage data, and exception information all in one location

Drive results with ExpressYard Car Repair Billing

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Increase productivity

Increase productivity

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Reduce costs

Reduce maintenance costs

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Improve visibility

Improve management visibility and problem identification


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