ExpressYard® Maintenance Management System

Maximize operational and commercial performance of railroads.

Mechanical characteristics. Mileage data. Car configuration. Repair history. These are just a few of the factors that influence the cost and predictability of railcar maintenance — and its impact on the bottom line of your business.

ExpressYard Maintenance Management System (MMS) enables railcar owners, leasing companies, railroads, and rail shippers to leverage real-time data to improve maintenance and repair decisions, reduce costs, and drive operational excellence. Audit repairs against AAR/custom rules and pricing. Track exceptions and perform counter billing. MMS reduces re-billing and collection time, automates invoicing, helps prevent payment of incorrect charges, and drives predictability in railcar maintenance.

Product Capabilities

ExpressYard Maintenance Management capabilities drive results.


Key Capabilities:

  • Audit repairs against AAR/custom rules and pricing
  • Load, view, and print monthly invoice files
  • Track exceptions and perform counter billing
  • Automate assignment of repair responsibility
  • Customizable reports over all of your fleet data
  • Simplify railcar analysis through customizable business-intelligence reporting
  • Utilize component failure mileage data to predict maintenance repair needs
  • Repair history, mileage data, and exception information all in one location

Drive results

Drive results with ExpressYard Maintenance Management System.

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Increase operational efficiency

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Reduce costs

Reduce railcar repair and maintenance costs

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Improve predictability

Improve predictability of maintenance expenses


Optimize fleet utilization


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