“Edge Guard” Screen Cloth Protectors

Wabtec “Edge Guard” Screen Cloth Protectors
Wabtec “Edge Guard” Screen Cloth Protectors

Standard & "Extra Life" Screen Cloth Protectors

Wabtec's “Edge Guard” all-rubber stripping is designed to protect vibrating shaker screens in classifiers

  • Increases shaker screen life by isolating metal-against-metal abrasion and absorbing the shock and noise of impact as materials fall on the screen and pass through
  • Prevents excessive wear and noise from abrasion caused by screen cloth rubbing against the frame.
  • Easy installation reduces downtime
  • The resiliency of rubber helps to secure the screen cloth firmly in place

In addition to high resistance to abrasion, weathering and aging, Wabtec’s “Extra Life” Screen Cloth Protector features an extra thick wear for long service life, and extra long “legs” for a firmer grip to prevent twisting or slipping during operation.

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