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China’s Shenzhen Metro to Test Wabtec ‘Smart Windows’

Wabtec Corp. is teaming with Shenzhen Metro Co. and CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd., to install and test six Smart Windows on a Metro Line 6 rapid transit train in China. The 30-mile line opened in August, and CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd., supplied the fleet of 51 six-car Type A trains.

Wabtec signs on to be additive manufacturing anchor at airport's ambitious Neighborhood 91 project

A year ago, Wabtec Corp. made the first steel key to Neighborhood 91. Now it is taking up residence. Wabtec has reached an agreement to lease more than 11,000 square feet of space in Neighborhood 91, the hub for additive manufacturing being built at Pittsburgh International Airport.

No engine, no oil: Wabtec making its pitch for battery-powered trains

From the outside, the locomotive whirring along Wabtec’s test tract in Erie looks almost like any other. The operator cab is pretty standard, too.

Wabtec opens additive manufacturing centre in Bengaluru

INDIA: Wabtec Corp has collaborated with 3D printing equipment supplier HP and supply chain specialist Redington to open an additive manufacturing centre at its Bengaluru site

Breath of Fresh Air: Wabtec Launches BlueFilter

Wabtec Corp. launched air-filtration innovation BlueFilter® in an effort to provide a clean, healthy environment for passengers on metro and trains. The filter continuously provides fresh and clean air onboard metro and railcars by removing more than 90% of contaminants per air cycle.

Wabtec Donates $40,000 to Erie City Mission

Wabtec Corporation Friday announced a $40,000 donation to the Erie City Mission. The donation will support the Mission's programs that help the community's most vulnerable citizens overcome immediate and long-term challenges, such as food, shelter and recovery programs.

Earth Day turns 50, Wabtec and rail industry tout sustainability improvements

Wabtec aims to help freight railroads reduce their environmental footprint by doubling fuel efficiency by 2028. Currently railroads use one gallon of diesel fuel to move a ton of freight 473 miles, a figure that’s four times more efficient than trucking.

Wabtec partners with other PA firm to make face shields for hospital workers

PITTSBURGH — Wabtec Corporation and Tronix3D are partnering to provide much needed personal protective equipment for Excela Health, a leading health system provider of advanced medical care in Pennsylvania. The partnership is leveraging additive technology to produce 1,000 face shields for the hospital this week, which are critical for frontline…

Wabtec Acquires RELCO Locomotives

Wabtec Corp. has acquired RELCO Locomotives for $29 million, on a cash- and debt-free basis. All conditions for the acquisition are complete and the transaction will be accretive in year one. RELCO’s projected sales for 2019 are roughly $50 million.

Mission: Stop a Train

How inventor George Westinghouse Jr., investors, railroad officials, and test trains helped put the brakes on the wheels 150 years ago. On the 150th anniversary of the creation of the air brake, the story of how George Westinghouse Jr. developed this transformational technology is worth recounting.