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Transport, Decarbonised

Striking the balance between regeneration and innovation, Wabtec Corporation is the global leader championing improvement through movement. Senior Regional Vice President of Australia and New Zealand, Wendy McMillan, discusses laying the tracks for the shift to green

Smart freight tracking system at the Port of Gothenburg goes live

The Port Optimizer™ Track & Trace app is being launched to make it easier for freight owners and rail and terminal operators to track their freight in real time from quayside to inland destination.

Wabtec is Transforming Railway Transportation

Wabtec has made great strides in the past two years. It started with the merger with GE Transportation in 2019; this accomplishment brought together industry leaders with complementary and unique technologies to create a leading rail technology company.

How to Move More Goods Through America’s Clogged Infrastructure? Robot Trains

An interesting article by Christopher Mims at The Wall Street Journal detailing the efficiency and safety of freight rail and how the implementation of digital technologies provides an opportunity to significantly increase rail utilization while also reducing carbon emissions.

Wabtec Clearing the Air in Paris

After 10 months of testing, two RER (Réseau Express Régional, Regional Express Network) A Line (MI 09) trains have been equipped with brake linings that Wabtec says “can reduce emissions of PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particulates related to friction by up to 90%.”

Wabtec expands metal 3D printing capability

Wabtec has upped its commitment to additive manufacturing with a new 11,000-square-foot facility at the Pittsburgh Airport Innovation Campus in an area dedicated to 3D printing technology. The new, bigger lab features an SLM 800 printer, one of just four in the United States, capable of printing large-scale parts.

Wabtec Fuel App Takes the Guesswork Out of Fuel Management

The Wabtec Fuel App collects and connects data from multiple systems and sensors to provide an up-to-date view of fuel consumption. It can connect to energy management systems, event recorders, train sensors, fuel gauges, locomotive control systems, and external systems such as fuel depot records for valuable data and insights.

‘Dramatically more powerful’: world’s first battery-electric freight train unveiled

The world’s first battery-electric freight train was unveiled at an event in Pittsburgh on Friday, amid a fresh attempt by some US lawmakers to slash carbon emissions from rail transport in order to address the climate crisis.

FLXdrive ‘Electrifies’ Pittsburgh

Wabtec’s FLXdrive, described as “the world’s first 100% battery, heavy-haul locomotive,” fresh off testing on BNSF, was front and center at a Sept. 10 event at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to mark the signing of two MOUs (memorandum of understanding). One, noting CMU as “a top university in engineering, artificial intelligence, battery technology, autonomy and robotics,” involves Wabtec and the university “formalizing their joint aim to create technologies that will decarbonize freight rail transport, improve freight safety, and generate greater rail network utilization.” The other is between Wabtec and Genesee & Wyoming “to pursue zero-emission battery and hydrogen freight strategies, as well as increase rail utilization across North America.”

Australian mining firm is first buyer for Wabtec battery-electric locomotive

Australian mining company Roy Hill has become the first purchaser of Wabtec’s FLXdrive battery-electric locomotive.

All aboard: Wabtec shows off its battery electric locomotive in Pittsburgh (photos)

Wabtec Corp. showed off its fully electric, FLXdrive battery-operated locomotive on Friday at its Freight 2030 Mission to Net Zero event in South Oakland area of Pittsburgh

Electric Trains Nearer

Learn why Wabtec's FLXdrive battery electric locomotive is gaining significant interest from Australian mining operations.

Wabtec locomotive remanufacturing program completes 1,000th unit

Wabtec has reached a milestone, completing its 1,000th remanufactured locomotive at plants in Fort Worth; Erie, Pa.; and Contagem, Brazil, since the program’s start in 2015.

Port of LA, Wabtec Launch Cargo Volume Forecaster

The Port, in partnership with Wabtec, reported the launch of Horizon, “a long-term cargo volume predictive feature” of its Port Optimizer™ Control Tower data tool, on July 19.