Slack Adjusters

Universal® tension and compression slack adjusters for conventional body and truck mounted brake systems.

  • Double acting compression slack adjuster enables automatic adjustment, with infinite increments, maintaining proper piston travel and brake shoe force
  • Also offering custom slack adjusters and replacements for Triax
Model 2300-DJ Slack Adjuster
Model 2300-DJ

AAR Group E, body mounted Universal slack adjuster

Model 2500-DJ Slack Adjuster
Model 2500-DJ

Developed for cars with direct exposure to the environment (rain/snow/ice)

Model C-1000-DJ Slack Adjuster
Model C-1000-DJ

For use with Wabtec's TMX® & UBX® truck mounted brake systems

Model 5 Slack Adjuster
Model 5

For use with TTX truck mounted brake systems

Model 5D Slack Adjuster
Model 5D

For use with Thrall/Davis truck mounted brake systems

Model 85A Slack Adjuster
Model 85A

For use with WABCOPAC II™ truck mounted brake systems

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