Wabtec designs and manufactures Mark series draft gears

  • Self-contained and shipped pre-compressed for easy application to cars
  • Remaining gear life can be measured in the car without removal
  • Reconditionable for extended service life
Wabtec Mark 50 Draft Gear
Mark 50

The longest lasting draft gear in the industry

Mark 70E Draft Gear
Mark 70E

Lightest all steel friction draft gear approved to M901E.

Mark 90AT Draft Gear
Mark 90AT

Lightweight, high capacity elastomer spring back draft gear

Mark R-500 Draft Gear
Mark R-500

All steel, friction, steel/rubber main spring with replaceable hardened friction plates

Mark 558 Draft Gear
Mark 558

The first all friction draft gear to receive AAR unconditional approval to M901G.

Mark 390 Draft Gear
Mark 390

Locomotive draft gear for E/F/H Type couplers

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