Outlet Gate Systems

Wabtec’s AEROgates are highly durable, user-friendly outlet gates designed to protect your commodity for the long haul.

Standard Series Outlet Gates
Standard Series

Available sizes: 13 x 42, 30 x 30, 42 x 42, 24 x 48, 43 x 54

Universal Series Outlet Gates
Universal Series

Available sizes: 13 x 42

Wabtec Freight Car Low Profile Outlet Gates
Low Profile Series

Available sizes: 13 x 42, 30 x 30

Wabtec Freight Car Gravity Pneumatic Outlet Gates
Gravity Pneumatic Series

Available sizes: 13 x 42, 30 x 30

S-Series Outlet Gates

Available sizes: 30 x 30

Outlet Gate Systems

Wabtec AEROgates

Our innovative designs are based on years of research attacking and eliminating the most common gate issues, including pinion skipping, door plate ejection, and door plate sealing. Steel, stainless steel, powder coat, and various sizes are just a few of the infinite AEROgate options available.

AEROgate Outlet Gate Systems
Features & Benefits:
  • UHMW seals
  • No pinion skipping
  • Low operating torque
  • Industry leading warranties
AEROgate Outlet Gate Systems
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