Bearing Adapters & Shear Pads

Barber S2-86® Radial Bearing Adapter & Shear Pad
Barber S2-86® Radial Bearing Adapter & Shear Pad

Barber S2-86® Radial Bearing Adapter & Shear Pad

A primary suspension system designed to provide passive steering performance. The Barber S2-86® features a single layer of rubber bonded between two steel plates and situated above the bearing adapter that allows for radial alignment of the wheelsets during curving, reducing rolling resistance and improving rail and wheel life.

  • M-976 track tested and approved on a variety of trucks
  • Fits standard AAR pedestal - no special side frames required
  • Durable vulcanized rubber to steel bond
  • Rubber maintains properties over wider temperature range than other polymers
  • Resilient rubber surface provides better load distribution across pedestal roof discontinuities
  • Rejection lugs prevent misapplication

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