Super CIO
Super CIO

Super CIO is the FE211 processor card–Freescale dual core 2 GHz (6,000 MIPS), designed to reduce the known failure modes of the FE200 (2,250 MIPS) and FE189 (450 MIPS).

  • Reducing the number of system (BCCB) resets
  • Moving mission critical processing into the CIO panel, from locomotive displays
  • Eliminating critical ethernet connection requirement
  • Enabling continued usage of processor during power fluctuations


  • Higher reliability of control system e.g. more than 85% reduction in BCCB resets
  • Growth for control applications for years to come


  • Increased processing power and memory – Dual Core 2GHz 32 GB Processor Card
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Integrated heatsink to cool processor
  • Plug and Play with existing CIO panel, SDIS, and CFD displays
  • Easy Install – less than ~2 hours per upgrade


  • CCA Based locomotives
  • FDL and EVO Platforms
  • AC and DC Power


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Super CIO