ForZair™ HeatSink Auxiliary Transformer Oil Cooler
ForZair™ HeatSink Auxiliary Transformer Oil Cooler

Auxiliary cooler for emergency cooling power.

Wabtec's ForZair™ HeatSink, is a portable and highly efficient Auxiliary Transformer Cooler that can be installed on a transformer quickly to immediately reduce the temperature of its dielectric cooling oil.
ForZair™ HeatSink's strong performance allows increased overload and helps extend the life of your transformer. Plus, with its small footprint, low profile and quick-connect hoses, your ForZair™ HeatSink cooler can be transferred easily from one overloaded substation to another, providing "instant relief" wherever it is needed most.

Features & Options:

  • Extruded aluminum Integral Finned Tubing provides exceptional durability
  • Cardinal transformer oil pumps, designed specifically for transformer oil and using a glandless design to prevent leaks.
  • 230V single phase
  • 2-ball valves
  • Expansion tank
  • NEMA 4 control panel CSA-approved with manual disconnect switch, hand-off-auto selector, 2 Customer permissives, 1 form C alarm contact and large field contacts
  • Skid-mounted package on a durable frame designed for easy lifting by forklift or overhead crane
  • One coat of Zinc chromate primer and enamel, ANSI 70 gray
  • Options: 575 volt/ 3ph, 460 volt/3ph or 230 volt/3ph
  • Filter with bypass loop
  • Oil flow meter/display with flow switch
  • Harley™ bearings
  • Flexible hoses and adapters for transformer piping complete with vacuum valve
  • Trailer-mounted
  • Special paint
  • Cooler clean to ISO standards
  • Nitrogen filled for shipment
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