Transformer Oil Pump Valves
Transformer Oil Pump Valves

Heavy Duty Transformer Oil Valves

Transformer oil valves ranging from 2" to 8" in size including ANSI standard and OEM-specific flange configuration bolt hole patterns. Our valves are designed for use on new transformers or as replacements on existing electrical transformers.

Features and Options:

  • Cardinal valves are robust in design so that over tightening or minor abuse encountered in handling, or during factory/field installation will not result in malfunctioning of the valve
  • All parts are made from non-corrosive or suitably protected material to withstand outdoor exposure on external surfaces and hot transformer oil on internal surfaces
  • Fasteners are designed to prevent loosening under normal operating conditions
  • In the open position, the valve flapper will not vibrate or flutter when valve is installed close to the suction side of the pump, flapper acts as a fluid straightener, thus enhancing the pump's performance
  • Valve design temperatures are –40°C (–40°F) to 100°C (212°F)
  • Operating handle displays the valve's open and shut position and is designed so it can be manually locked in either position
  • Valves are individually coated with oil and sealed to protect from contaminants
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