Locomotive Air Filters - 824 Series
Locomotive Air Filters - 824 Series

Combines our Centrifugal Separation method with an extended surface, sub-micron Coalescing Element

The 824 Series Dual Stage Filters combine the high efficiency performance advantages of our unique Centrifugal Separation method coupled with an extended surface, sub-micron Coalescing Element, together with one of GWs' dependable automatic drains. In combination, the end result is that heavy bulk liquids are removed by centrifugal motion. Oil varnish and water aerosols .03 micron and larger are coalesced. Abrasive particles above .3 microns are retained. Accumulated liquid contaminates are automatically expelled by the trouble free operation of the GW automatic drain.

  • Without these contaminants to contend with, your auxiliary equipment (i.e. sanding, horn, bell, miscellaneous air valves and safety related brake equipment) will operate more reliably
  • In addition, contamination in the form of water, solids and oil varnish, if not removed properly, will lead to unscheduled maintenance, down time and unnecessary added costs
  • The 824 Series Air Dual Stage Filters are available with a number of configurations and a number of different automatic drain valves
  • Drain valves can be either total electric or air piloted

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