Pneumatic Components

High-performance valves & other pneumatic components used to regulate air flow and pressure in train braking systems.

Locomotive 3-Way Ball Valves
3-Way Ball Valves

Forged brass construction, available with T or L ports & standard or locking handle

Locomotive 2-Way Ball Valves
2-Way Ball Valves

Forged brass construction, available with standard or locking handle, wire tires & vented or non-vented

Locomotive Dual Ball Valves
Dual Ball Valves

Forged brass construction, valves operate together with one handle motion

Locomotive Angle Cocks
Angle Cocks

Provides a means for closing the brake pipe on the end of the last car as well as for connecting air hoses between coupled cars

Locomotive 24-A Double Check Valve
24-A Double Check Valve

Allows air flow from one of two separate sources to a common point of use without either of the two sources being connected to each other

Locomotive Brake Cylinders
Brake Cylinders

The North American standard for diesel-electric locomotives; available in a wide variety of sizes & push rod configurations

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