Pneumatic Controls

Valves & specialty devices for reliable, precise control of air brake systems.

Locomotive Pneumatics 26C Brake Valve
26C Brake Valve

Controls brake pipe pressure to activate the control valves on each car & locomotive for brake application or release

Locomotive Braking 30A-CDW Brake Valve
30A-CDW Brake Valve

Desktop mounted air brake control of the locomotive and the train in conjunction with 30-CW module

Locomotive Pneumatics Emergency Brake Valve
Emergency Brake Valve

Large capacity for fast venting of brake pipe to initiate emergency quick action

Locomotive 26-F Control Valve
26-F Control Valve

Responds to changes in brake pipe pressure to provide a locomotive brake application on one locomotive

Locomotive A-1 Charging Cut-Off Pilot Valve
A-1 Charging Cut-Off Pilot Valve

Responds to a train break-in-two or emergency brake from the locomotive to initiate cut-offs

Locomotive H-5 Relay Air Valve
H-5 Relayair Valve

Double piloted, three way valve that changes the air passages through it when air pressure of a predetermined amount or more is in the control chamber

Locomotive J-1 Relay Valve
J-1 Relay Valve

Receives a signal from the control valve or independent brake valve to allow main reservoir air to the brake cylinders to provide a brake application

Locomotive P-2-A Brake Application Valve
P-2-A Brake Application Valve

Safety device that causes a penalty full service brake application when initiated by over speed control or safety control systems

Locomotive VX Vent Valve
VX Vent Valve

Enhances venting capacity

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