Radio / EOTD Receiver Enclosures

Locomotive Cab Radio/EOTD Receiver Enclosure
Locomotive Cab Radio/EOTD Receiver Enclosure

Protect your radios and EOTD receivers from damage and theft
Radio/EOTD receiver enclosure.
These rugged, heavy-duty enclosures are designed to mount atop the locomotive control stand. They put radios and receivers in easy crew reach, while tamper-proof fasteners keep your equipment out of thieves’ reach. An available security lanyard provides additional protection. Mounting provisions are also included so Enclosures can be stacked for multiple unit applications. Available in two sizes.
Notes - Our optional ME117 Security Lanyard locks radios into Enclosures and prevents removal by unauthorized personnel.


  • Easily Mounts To Control Stand
  • Rear-Door Installation Equipped With Tamper-Proof Fasteners Or Screws
  • Stackable For Multiple Unit Use
  • Captive Door Screws; No More Lost Screws
  • Rear Opening For Secondary Handset
  • Louvered Rear Panel Provides Ventilation Keeps Equipment Cool
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