Wabtec ME8110 Locomotive Cab Fan
Wabtec ME8110 Locomotive Cab Fan

ME8110 - Keep Cab Temperatures “Just Right.”

A panel-mounted cab fan that provides continuous air circulation. This series locomotive fans are designed to mount on the road-number box panel just above the engineer’s console and above the conductor’s desk. An even distribution of air is done through adjustable speeds, maintaining desired temperatures throughout the cab year-round.


  • Adjustable Speed for Controlled Comfort
  • Brushless Motor Keeps it Quiet, Cool
  • 74V DC Operation
  • Right-hand and left-hand mounts


ME8110 Series Specs:

  • Nominal Design: 74V DC
  • Input Voltage: 40-100V DC
  • Operating Current: .7 Amps – 1.0 Amps DC
  • High Speed: 235 CFM (Free Air)
  • Weight: 4 lbs each side


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