Lavatory & Sanitary Systems

Recirculating retention toilets specifically designed for use in freight locomotives.

  • Built to withstand rugged conditions
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Designed to fit in tight locomotive compartments
Locomotive Cab Toilet ME200/ME200V
Cab Toilet ME200 / ME200V

15-gallon retention toilet, designed to fit a locomotive’s toilet compartment and built to last

Locomotive Cab Toilet ME211/ME213B
Cab Toilet ME211 / ME213B

18-gallon retention toilet; designed to fit in toilet cubicles for a built-in appearance

Locomotive Cab Toilet ME229/ME229-B
Cab Toilet ME229 / ME229B

12.8-gallon retention toilet, narrow & compact design for use in tight spaces

Locomotive Cab Components Lavatory Module
Lavatory Module

Complete water & waste system solution within a lavatory enclosure for easy integration in the locomotive cab