ME4130 Cab Refrigerator

ME4130 Locomotive Cab Refrigerator
ME4130 Locomotive Cab Refrigerator

Rugged, tall and reliable.

The ME4130 refrigerator is a compact, 1½ cubic-foot unit that provides uniform cooling even under the most demanding of conditions. Designed to fit smaller cabs, it keeps food fresh and quickly cools drinks and lunches. Maximum cooling capacity is assured by a precisely controlled thermostatic expansion valve.


  • Stainless-Steel Cooling Compartment and 2 FDA Vinyl-Coated Shelves for Easy Cleaning
  • Rounded Corners & Edges
  • Hermetically Sealed Compressor Delivers Reliable Performance and is Impervious to Vibrations & Shock
  • No Internal Springs to Hamper Performance
  • Uses R-134a Refrigerant for Assured Cooling
  • Oversized, Internally Mounted Inverter Provides 120V AC Power to Compressor & Cooling Fan Motor
  • Left-to-Right Airflow Direction
  • Field-Reversible Door or Factory Ordered for Left or Right-Hand Open


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